TEAM FOCUS: WREDA - GovTech Accelerator


The WREDA team came to Lightning Lab GovTech with one main goal: to employ digital solutions to add value to businesses in the Wellington Region. The team spent the first couple of weeks of the accelerator taking a closer look at the various challenges that companies face as they grow – we caught up with them to see how their journey is going and what they are currently working on.



What is the WREDA Project all about?

The WREDA project is all about making it easier and quicker for early-stage businesses to connect with the help they need at the right time.


What will you be working on in the next few months?

Over the next few weeks, the WREDA team will be working on a solution to better align the expectations of Early Stage Businesses and WREDA’s business growth services. Every day WREDA receives contact from early-stage businesses seeking some form of support, whether for funding, advice or connections. However, the help these Early Stage businesses expect, and the actual Business Growth services WREDA provides, commonly don’t match. Our goal is to find a solution to help ESB’s save time, reduce confusion and prevent frustration by providing more clarity around WREDA’s business growth services.


What difference will the project make to NZ public sector?

This is a solution which could be utilised by any business support agency engaging with businesses within and outside of their focus area. It will allow them to align expectations with their customers through creating better clarity and transparency.




What are you hoping to achieve by the end of Lightning Lab GovTech?

By the end of the Lightning Lab Govtech we are hoping to achieve:

  • A simple and tangible solution that adds real value to both early-stage businesses and to WREDA (as the business support agency).
  • Buy-in from stakeholders and the business support ecosystem that this is a problem that needs to and can be addressed.
  • Collaboration in implementing a solution across the Wellington region.
  • A practised and perfected set of skills and resources that we can take back to our respective workplaces and into our future careers.


What are you looking forward to the most during your time in the Lightning Lab GovTech Accelerator?

  • Learning new skills and ways of working.
  • Solving the problems that people are facing on a daily basis!
  • Focus. Adding real value through honing in on one problem, rather than balancing multiple projects at once.
  • Working alongside different team-members who all work in different ways.


How can we help you and your team? If you are an early stage business who experiences the problem we’ve identified and are keen to be involved in the co-design of the solution, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at:


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