We launched an open slack channel dedicated to NZ’s GovTech Community. We want to bring the GovTech whānau together in one place.

This is going to be a place to start or contribute to important conversations, connect with peers, keep up to date with GovTech related news or events and ask for help when you need it.





Who should join?

The channel is open to everyone interested in the GovTech ecosystem. Lightning Lab GovTech Alumni and Mentors, Government employees, GovTech players etc…


Why slack?

Slack is a messaging app (available both for desktops and mobiles), with one goal: to make communication easier. You choose your settings – which means you won’t be spammed with unwanted notifications. If you are keen to build a stronger and more connected GovTech community in NZ, join us!

New to Slack? Find out what is all about.


What to expect?

Some of our current channels include:

Community-wide: This channel goal is to share announcements with everyone in the community.

Asks: Are you looking for some advice on a particular topic or subject? This is the place!

Have you heard: A place to share news and events that are happening.

Interesting reads: did you come across an interesting article? Share it with us.


Code of  conduct

Before joining, make sure you read our “house rules”.

Don’t use this channel:
  • For Constant blatant self-promotion
  • As a place to pitch services, unsolicited
  • As a way to find clients
  • Instigating arguments, foul language and bullying is not allowed
Do you have any questions or suggestions? Get in touch.