Lightning Lab GovTech Bootcamp


Lightning Lab GovTech is officially underway! We kicked off by taking the 12 participating teams through an intense one-week bootcamp.

We condensed 12-weeks worth of accelerator learnings into a 5-day innovation sprint to get our teams up to speed on lean and agile methodologies, team building best practices, negotiation strategies and more.

Here are our top takeaways from bootcamp.


Key Takeaway 1: In order to solve a problem you need to understand it.

Always start by defining the problem you are aiming to tackle. Sometimes it can be a true test to your patience, but make sure not to rush this phase, take your time and ask questions (lots of them!). Understanding the scope of the issue and what’s the drive of the project is an essential step to take before attempting to develop a solution.


Key Takeaway 2: Minimum Viable Product is your friend

MVP or minimum viable product is somewhat of a hot word in the start-up and innovation community. The MVP in the most simplified terms is a product with a very basic selection of features that are sufficient to capture the attention of early adopters. Creating the minimum viable product and using this to test the core functions of your product can help to reduce implementation costs, avoid larger scaled failure and financial losses in the startup stage, but most importantly will provide valuable insights on what does and does not work. An important part of the innovation process is failing on a smaller scale so that the idea can succeed on a larger scale!


Key Takeaway 3: Dr. Sarb Johal on steps to increasing personal productivity

Guest speaker Dr. Sarb Johal introduced the teams to some key psychology concepts, combined with practical steps to improve the team’s productivity.

Knowing yourself and understanding your natural traits and tendencies will help you unlock your full potential. Discovering what makes you tick will turn you into a more successful team member, able to contribute effectively. A higher level of self-awareness will teach you how to use your strengths to achieve outstanding results and ultimately it will shape you into a more competent leader.

“It was great to see teams who have predominantly come from a government background jumping straight into the startup way of working, successfully using tools and techniques that were completely foreign to them” – Jonnie Haddon

Key Takeaway 4: Master the art of pitching

“If you cannot articulate your value, you will not be able to bring it to fruition.” 

Presenting your idea to an audience or to important stakeholders can be a daunting task, to say the least. If you are serious about bringing your idea to the public pitching will play a considerably important role in this process. A successful pitch clearly outlines the problem that your idea is solving, how the project plans to solve it, and what makes your idea unique.  A well-presented pitch will convince customers and potential investors that you have the ability to solve the issue and, will give them the necessary confidence in investing in your idea.


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