Youth Voice were part of the Lightning Lab GovTech Programme in 2018, working to bridge the divide between policy and youth to create more representative policies for New Zealand. Youth Voice was a project from the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Youth Development.

Over seven months since Demo Day, we caught up with the team to see what they’ve been up to.


What have you been up to since the end of Lightning Lab GovTech 2018?

After successfully applying to the Digital Government Partnership Innovation Fund, we were able to get some momentum. We now have resources from the Ministry of Social Development’s (MSD) policy team as well as the Ministry for Youth Development, who are now sponsoring the project!

We have grown our online presence and have secured and gathered lots of interest for the project from a range of different government agencies, and many are interested in using the platform when they have policies ready for consultation.

We are co-designing what the channel for engagement will look like. We spent the weekend with some amazing young people at the Hive NZ brainstorming ideas for the platform. We were lucky enough to have Prime Minister Ardern pop in to say hi! The hui focused on what youth-centric policy engagement could look like. We were super impressed with the ideas the young people generated and designed.


What are your next steps?

Getting the platform ready to go live! We are busy integrating feedback from workshops like last week, to guarantee it will work for policy teams, and young people across Aotearoa. We are also beginning to work with the Department of Internal Affairs Service Innovation Lab to look at how we can work together to use natural language processing to analyse any results that come in.


What’s your advice for future Lightning Lab GovTech teams?

Ride the wave of problem discovery with an open mind!


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