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The Taiwan Water Corporation is developing a solution to an issue which affects every single city across the planet: water loss from urban distribution systems, due to leakage. By utilising modern technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning they are able to detect leakages within the water mains and effectively reduce significant water loss whilst improving repair times. The team have already deployed this solution in Taiwan and are now aiming to bring it to a worldwide audience starting with Wellington, New Zealand.

We chatted to the leading team member, Jaoshyan, about the ambitious goals of the project and what the Taiwan Water Corporation hopes to gain through the accelerator programme.


What are you working? 

We would like to talk to City Councils and Water Utilities, to better understand pipelines’ water leakages in New Zealand. After understanding the core problems, we’ll try to find solutions to help water loss control based on our experience in Taiwan.


What is the Taiwan Water Project all about?

Our project uses big data and machine learning technology to detect water leakages automatically, reducing water loss and improving repair times.


What difference will the project make to NZ public sector?

The NZ public sector has limited capability to detect and repair water leakages efficiently due to a limited budget. There’s also a lack of new technologies to enable more efficient and effective solutions. This project is helping us use the system we developed to meet the above requirement; this includes saving labour and time costs and saving water through innovation. 



What are you hoping to achieve by the end of Lighting Lab GovTech?

We are aiming for two main achievements:

  1. Have comprehensive concepts to enable us to solve the biggest problems of water leakage in NZ.
  2. Get historical data from city councils to test our prototype system.


What are you looking forward the most during your time in Lightning Lab GovTech Accelerator?

Lighting Lab GovTech is helping us making connections with city councils and water utilities to understand their practical requirements and have the chance to test our system. In addition, if our system turns out to be useful during the trial stage, this could lead to international business possibilities.



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