The Community Connect project is committed to eliminating the digital divide and is actively working on solutions to improve access to connectivity and technology to ensure all New Zealanders are able to engage in an increasingly digitally-enabled society.

We are working to provide connectivity to those who need it – driven by communities and what they need.

The team from MOE, N4L and Chorus took a moment to talk with us about how they plan to go about solving this important issue and the progress they have made in the accelerator so far.


What are you working on?

We are working to make it easy for community driven initiatives to get started by giving community leaders the tools they require to tell their connectivity story.


What is the Equitable Digital Access Project all about?

There is a digital divide across New Zealand. Citizens who do not have affordable and accessible internet provision cannot fully engage with digitally-enabled services. These New Zealanders are denied the range of services and opportunities available to their peers. This problem is getting worse as online services are increasingly becoming the new way of doing business.

Whether it be health, housing, social services or any of the full range of public services, these people are missing out – and their well being is affected. Our team have some experience delivering connectivity for education. The challenge is now to take what we have learnt and understand how we can scale this up, while realising the wider benefits of internet connectivity beyond education.

Providing affordable and accessible internet will improve the lives of our citizens in Aotearoa New Zealand by giving people equitable access to government and private sector digital services.


What difference will the project make to NZ public sector?

Increased equity of access removes barriers to new, more efficient and effective ways of engaging with government online. This makes life easier for citizens while reducing costs for government. This project further reinforces a way of working that puts communities at the center and fosters the innovation that is occurring all around New Zealand, Aoteoroa.


What are you hoping to achieve by the end of Lighting Lab GovTech?

A way to better support the many communities that are working for digital inclusion.


What are you looking forward the most during your time in Lightning Lab GovTech Accelerator?

Not only delivering a project that will change the lives of many New Zealanders in need but also the opportunity to work alongside other Public Sector teams also making a difference. Working this way will make a massive difference to what is delivered.


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