Greater Wellington City Council


Greater Wellington Regional Council takes care of the things that really matter, from freshwater quality and biodiversity to high-quality drinking water, flood protection and emergency management for much of the region, and running the public transport network. Much of the work they do has a long-term environmental and natural resource management focus and involves creating awareness of their work and why they do it.

Some of the outcomes of the work they do are currently lower than they aspire to. The team is here to change that. Lightning Lab spoke with the team at GWRC to find out some more about their project.



What are you currently working on? 

Our team is looking at how the Regional Council can further improve engagement with the community. Through the work we do in the greater Wellington region we spend hundreds of millions of public dollars each year, so it’s important to us that the public has the ability to help set our direction and have the ability to be involved in these decisions.


What is the GWRC project all about?

The aim of our project is to make sure engaging with Greater Wellington is an easy and worthwhile experience, to ensure that people feel that their voices and opinions are heard and included in our decision-making process.


What difference will the project make to NZ public sector?

Ultimately we want Greater Wellington to be a transparent and accountable organisation, that people feel they can trust. It’s a big ask for local government, so if we can do it anyone can! We want to role model quality engagement and raise people’s expectations of engagement, the same way that they have been raised in the commercial sector by companies like Air New Zealand and Flick.


What are you hoping to achieve by the end of Lightning Lab GovTech?

We know that engagement covers a huge spectrum and that the issues people experience are many and varied. We’re hoping to identify one piece of the puzzle where we can really make a difference within. Alongside that, we plan to come up with some recommendations for next steps once we’re back at HQ. Our Lightning Lab project is just the beginning…


What are you looking forward the most during your time in Lightning Lab GovTech Accelerator?

Our team is excited about doing things differently. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to work with mentors, coaches and other teams – picking brains, swapping ideas and learning from each other’s mistakes.

We’re also fielding lots of questions from colleagues about what we’re up to, so it’s going to be great sharing everything we have learnt within the program so far!


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