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Spring MSD


Spring emerged from the first Lightning Lab GovTech programme in 2o18, with the aim to build the financial capability and resilience of people, families and whānau which experience hardship by ensuring they have access to the required support ranging from preventive solutions to intensive interventions.

Spring is the result of a project submission by the Ministry of Social Development. Almost six months after Demo Day (missed the pitch? check it out here), we caught up with the team to see what they have been up to. 


What have you been up to since the end of Lightning Lab GovTech 2018?

Since Lightning Lab GovTech, Spring has been based out of Creative HQ as part of the Post Accelerator Support Program. The project is on track, with continued support from the Ministry of Social Development, as well as matched support from the Digital Government Partnership Innovation Fund.


What are your next steps?

We are currently piloting Spring in Porirua, where we have engaged with 45 users who are earning SpringCoin for their positive financial actions.  We will finish this pilot in late March, and will then bring a bigger and better version of Spring to users through the Wellington region for our Beta trial in May. Post Beta trial, we are aiming to make the service available more widely, helping build the financial resilience of New Zealanders.


Welcome to Spring from Spring on Vimeo.


How did Lightning Lab GovTech help your project?

Our project came to life through the Lightning Lab GovTech process. The fast-paced, agile environment meant that we were able to quickly test and iterate while keeping the user at the centre of the process. Ministry of Social Development saw the benefit of working in this environment, and we are still closing working with Creative HQ.


What are the main challenges you are currently facing with your project?

As we currently have funding until 30 June 2019, one of our key challenges is proving the value of Spring within this short period. What this means for Spring is keeping users at the heart of our process, working closely with users to land on a version of Spring that meets their needs.

Another challenge is bringing partners along on this journey. After June, we are aiming to have a key partner sign with Spring, and we want to be sure that they are involved throughout the process.


What’s your advice for future Lightning Lab GovTech teams?

Build trust within your team right from the get-go. At the beginning of the program, we were a team of strangers. By creating a trusting and open team environment straight away, we were able to capitalise on our diversity and grow a strong and effective team.  


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