2020 Team focus: Kāinga Ora, Building Community at Grey’s Ave - GovTech Accelerator

2020 Team focus: Kāinga Ora, Building Community at Grey’s Ave

Kāinga Ora has secured a project team in the 2020 NZ GovTech Accelerator that will explore and conceptualise a platform to support a strong, thriving, inclusive and connected community centred around the Grey’s Ave development in Central Auckland.

About building community at Grey’s Ave

Grey’s Ave is taking a fresh approach to supportive housing by focusing on wellbeing, connecting people, and building learning and development opportunities for the community. The aim of the project is to develop a digitally supported community that can contribute to reducing the social issues of loneliness, provide opportunities to connect and support increased well being for those living within the building and the local community. 

The potential impact of this project will result in a healthier and stronger community, as well as act as a blueprint for similar high and medium density projects across Aotearoa, scaling support to create successful communities. The solution’s design will ensure it is transferable and scalable.

To learn more about the Grey’s Ave physical development, check out this video or learn more on Kāinga Ora’s website

Housing – a government priority

Kāinga Ora is designed to enable a more cohesive, joined-up approach to delivering the Government’s priorities for housing and urban development in New Zealand. The ‘Building Community at Grey’s Ave’ project presents an opportunity to grow community wellbeing through innovative tech.

Why this project is a great fit for the programme

  • The projects’ focus on community wellbeing closely aligned with one of the 2020 accelerator themes, Community. 
  • The collaborative nature of the project means the team will benefit from the Stakeholder Group support systems the accelerator has in place. Having all relevant stakeholders involved in the journey helps ensure the success of the project.
  • Kāinga Ora understands the benefit of the accelerators co-design process to creating a fit-for-purpose outcome. 

Want your project to be part of the NZ GovTech Accelerator? 

If you have a project in mind, or simply want to learn more, email Programme Director Jonnie Haddon. NZ GovTech is powered by public servants who are leaders of innovation and willing to try new ways of working.

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