MEET THE LAB TECHS: JOSH - GovTech Accelerator


Behind a great accelerator, there’s always a great team and it’s high time we introduce some of the faces that quietly work behind the scenes of Lightning Lab GovTech.

Introducing: Josh, our talented graphic designer & motion graphics master.


What brought you to be a LabTech?

Being able to work with a diverse team with different superpowers means I get to learn a lot each day!


Why is GovTech important?

The teams in the programme aim to come up with innovative solutions that will solve the problems that they have identified. This is important because the final outcome will provide ease in the daily living to each of the teams’ target demographics.


What is your superpower?

I’m a creator! I love to create design solutions that are both functional and aesthetic at the same time.


Share something that inspires you and why? 

Work-wise, being able to design every day is an inspiration in itself and getting to do it for a living is a big plus!


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