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Angus Lab Tech


Together with Alina, Angus is one of our Business Development LabTechs. You can find him roaming around the office, helping the teams with his knowledge in policy and law. When he’s not busy with Lightning Lab GovTech, Angus is running Ignite Consultants – a student-run non-profit organisation aimed at generating a socially conscious future by empowering young people to engage with the social sector. 



Power snack? Something sweet and a cup of coffee.

Power tune? Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

Power routine to get you through a crazy day? Lots of coffee and somewhere quiet to power through the to-do list!

What brought you to be a LabTech?

Lightning Lab GovTech is all about solving government issues using startup methodology. It’s fast-paced, dynamic and entirely focused on constant prototyping and learning from mistakes. I was drawn to the Lightning Lab accelerator because I wanted the opportunity to be part of this innovative process.


What’s the number one change you’d like to see in the public sector?

I’d like to see more experimental risk-taking in the public sector. I think government agencies are highly risk-averse because they are publically funded and come under huge scrutiny if they get something wrong. I think this fear stifles innovation and change because government agencies focus on perfecting the model rather than learning from their shortcomings.


Which project do you find the most interesting in the #LLGovTech Accelerator and why?

That would be a two-way tie between the DOC Safer Seas for Albatross project and the DIA Digital Identity project. Antipodean Albatross are dying on the high seas as a result of by-catch on commercial fishing vessels, and will be functionally extinct in five years if immediate action is not taken. Regulating international commercial fishing practice is a highly complex issue because it involves parties from different cultures whose interests may not immediately align with albatross conservation, in an area beyond national jurisdiction.

Digital identity, on the other hand, is a hot topic across the globe. If one government agency holds your personal information and another government agency needs this information, and you consent to the information sharing, why should the agencies not share your information? On the other hand, how do you regulate this practice to ensure it fosters trust between individuals and government, and ensure information sharing practices enhance personal privacy.


What is your superpower?

As an avid Drag fan, I can clock a wig in a heartbeat. Briscoes lady? Wig. Regina George? Wig. Tyra Banks? Botched wig.


Share something that inspires you and why? 

I’m inspired by new forms of feminism, in particular intersectional feminism. From Nicki Minaj to Helen Clark, I believe that we are seeing a contemporary diversification of what gender equality looks like and what it means to be a feminist. I like that there is a growing consensus that a feminist does not have to look or sound a particular way, and does not have to campaign for a particular brand of feminism, as long as the core goal is inclusive gender equality. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone check out this performance which I think is brilliant contemporary take on performative feminism.



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