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Arrive: A Transport Innovation Project

Arrive is a project formed through a private-public collaboration involving Wellington’s City and Regional councils, the Ministry of Transport, Centrality, and smart-mobility technology provider Iomob.

Arrive is an open mobility marketplace for Wellington citizens to discover and compare the cost, duration, and environmental impact of different transport options as well as the ability to book and pay for all their trips using a single app.

Arrive team member Brendan Platt wrote this blog post reflecting on his time in the accelerator and where Arrive is at now.

In the GovTech Accelerator

The Arrive project team was tasked with proving that an open MaaS (mobility as a service) marketplace would be beneficial for Wellington. As part of the GovTech Accelerator, an intensive and structured three-month programme, Arrive:

  • validated the customer need for an open MaaS marketplace
  • completed the build of a proof-of-technology app
  • integrated four mobility service modes (bus, train, scooter, and taxi)


CHQ’s tools and coaching ensured we understood the problems people faced, by asking meaningful questions and interpreting the data we gathered in ways that we could then use to identify opportunities for impact. 

This first stage of the innovation process was absolutely key for Arrive. The process is the direct opposite to “build and they will come”, rather it ensures that stakeholders are actively engaged in the building of the solution.

Arrive is an example of innovation done the right way; successfully designing and building a solution to an urgent problem, gaining positive media attention, and attracting support from all of the key stakeholders. We got support at the highest levels of relevant organisations including WCC, GWRC, MOT & LGWM.

Where to next?

The team, led by Centrality, are working on piloting the platform in Wellington. They are also working with the support of NZTA, to unlock opportunities for the project to expand. 

Building off and incorporating learnings from previous work is also central to the GovTech ethos. The team is looking to work with MobilityOS at NZTA, sharing insights, to better achieve their common objective.

Watch this space for a mobility marketplace near you in late 2020.

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