Since beginning in 2013 with the first Lightning Lab, we have run 10 of our full-time, in-residence business acceleration programmes. Based on the best-in-breed model developed by TechStars, we are the only NZ member of the Global Accelerator Network, an invite-only community of the world’s most respected organisations that provide startups with the best resources to create and grow their businesses.

Ventures that take part get the discipline they need to succeed. We teach them startup methodologies, business skills and give them focused support and structure so that they can successfully launch. In the three months, ventures establish a market fit for their products, grow their user base and get access to our network of over 250 mentors and advisors who share their network of expertise, experience and connections with the teams.


Creative HQ helps people grow successful businesses by giving them the discipline they need to succeed. We nourish entrepreneurial talent and drive innovation in the public sector, corporations and through our work with startups.

Through our incubation and accelerator programmes, we increase the number of high growth businesses that fuel New Zealand’s economy.

Our parent organisation WREDA adds the booster fuel that allows us to grow and develop businesses based in the Wellington region. For over 15 years, we have been helping startups grow with our accelerator and incubation programmes.

We now offer our unique Innovation Services to corporations and government agencies in New Zealand and abroad.

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